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Press and Blog

Desire, Decisions, Determination and Discipline

The art and science of goal achievement are driven by your desire, your decisions, your determination, and discipline. Let’s dig in. Tony Robbins said it best: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” And Price Pritchett, the author...

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Episode 111: Tony Snodgrass – Be Open-minded

On episode 111 of Success Superstars, team leader Tony Snodgrass talks with Mark Johnson, CEO of JP & Associates Realtors about how to put yourself out there, stick out, find your calling, and love what you do. "I don't wait for my phone to ring. I'm always...

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5 Steps To Take Right Now

These are undoubtedly UNCERTAIN times, yet our on-going Quarantine Relief Series has both provided direction and relief for J.P.A.R. agents, staff, and business partners as well as our guest audience. It's so easy to wake up at these times and not know what to do… one...

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